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5 Gorgeous Twist Braid Styles that you will Surely Love

Twists and braids are one of the most loved, and used hairstyles today. Twists make it possible for you to extend your natural hair and attach almost anything you want – from high-quality commercial strands to dreadlocks that run down your entire back. Many also prefer this hairstyle because twists do not have any limits to what you can achieve.
It’s possible for you to create a sophisticated look from twist braids with minimal effort.

They look great if you are planning to attend a special occasion, or just as stylish for your normal daily attire.
If you are considering this hairstyle, take note that the thicker the twists are, the more suited they are to someone with a larger body shape with fuller facial features. If you plan to wear thinner twists, then avoid letting them hang too freely. What you have to do is to style them in such a way that you create a voluminous look.

If you’re looking for some gorgeous twist braid hairstyle ideas, then the following 5 styles are amongst the best options:

1. Shoulder-length Twist Braids – Braids are not only meant for those with long hair. They also work well for those of us with shoulder-length hair. In fact, there are instances where shoulder-length braids are much more practical, while still looking just as lovely as the longer ones. Going for thicker twists can result in a more volumizing look.

You can choose tightly bound twists or relaxed loose ones, each promote a stylish and romantic look. No matter which one you choose, note that the shoulder-length twist braid is not only convenient but also a gorgeous stylish looking hairstyle.

2. Top Knot Bun and Ponytail – This hairstyle is a classic, and also extremely elegant looking, and well suited to those special occasions. This style enables you to dress up your twists in several different ways. Try it yourself – style your front hair section in a way that it showcases a fierce top knot, while collecting the back part in a high ponytail. You’ll find it extremely quick and easy to achieve once you’ve tried it a few times.

3. Braided UpDo – An elegant sophisticated hairstyle, also suitable for those special occasions. What you need to do is, first, create a side parting of your hair, which should serve as your bangs, then make a high ponytail. Use a rubber band or one piece of your twist to secure it.

From the created ponytail, create eight braids that will keep the ends secure. Twist the braids to form a small bun then use bobby pins to secure it. Ensure that the whole look is tight and smooth. The last step is taking one loose braid from your bangs then braiding it down. Swirl and secure it using bobby pins.

4. Expressive Top Knot – Long locks often require long twist braids that can be perfect for all occasions. All it takes to create this style is to make several braids then gather half of them into a top knot. Secure them using a hair elastic. Allow the remaining braids to flow freely and long. You can pair up this gorgeous hairstyle with expressive makeup along with chunky jewelry.

5. Cascading Twist Braids – While twists are gorgeous regardless of their length, note that the longer ones are more worthwhile in the long run. If you have longer hair strands, then go for attractive cascading twist braids. Begin by creating the typical thick African twists. Minimize the thickness as you descend. Once done, you can lift and swirl these nice twists into a bun. The good news is that both the thicker and thinner portions of the twists will blend with each other wonderfully.

With the many different twist braid hairstyles available to you, and also the ability to create your own unique look by experimentation, it is possible for you to achieve a neat, chic, and modern look no matter what the occasion.

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