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10 Modern Afro Hairstyles for Women

Afro hair is typically associated with natural curls that have a thick, frizzy texture. Such a distinctive type of hair might seem hard to manage, but this has not stopped African beauties from sporting amazing hairdos. Afro hairstyles are regarded as some of the most innovative in the world.

If you would like to get a glimpse of the very funky haircuts that have made African women recognized as being among the most beautiful in the world, here are the Top 10 Modern Afro Hairstyles for women.

Braided Ponytail
The braided ponytail is a beautiful combination of two simple hairstyles – ponytails and braids. Braids are usually made with the hair present at either side of the head while the rest is tied into a high raise pony tail. This Afro hairstyle is a great way to tame hair that’s quite unruly.

Bushy Bob
The bob is a hairstyle that always looks great on bushy African hair. The secret behind the hairstyle is the lovely natural curls. All that the wearer of the hairstyle has to do is simply to cut their locks in a ‘U’ shape then opt for a side parting.

Braided Bun
The braided bun is yet another lovely combo hairstyle where the hair is braided first before being tied into a bun. All over the head, there should be not less than 21 braids and the wearer has to spend not less than 5 hours if she wants to get the best look.

Stylish Fringes
A fringe can be most useful for giving a modish look, to hiding the imperfection of a too-wide temple. African beauties with broad foreheads will love stylish fringes, since they are able to give a narrower look to the face and also draw attention to the lovely dark skin.

Braided Bouffant
The braided bouffant is an Afro hairstyle that is quite popular among the tribes. The hair is styled up in a bouffant by making several clean and neat braids. However, the hairstyle does not use any clips or pins to keep the bouffant in place.

Grungy Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks are considered to be highly fashionable in Africa. The tips of each lock of hair should be properly done and the entire hairstyle should be carefully maintained. If you fail to maintain your dreadlocks correctly, this will result in an altogether messy style.

The Mohawk is typically associated with men, but things are slowly changing. Today, some beautiful African women that have cropped hair, are giving this hairstyle a try. It’s easy to manage, very trendy, and extremely smart, which is probably why it is growing in popularity.

Unique Coils
African women that have a cool-boy haircut, can go for this unusual hairstyle. It does not require the parting of hair. Instead, all you have to do is take several loose strands of hair, then curl them up together. Finally, repeat all this for the tresses to complete the look.

Bee Hive
The curlier and frizzier the hair is, the funkier the style will be. The hairstyle looks similar to an actual bee hive as the name suggests. The hair should be rolled up from the roots then pulled over the head. A clip is then used to hold the tresses in place.

Side Shaven Hair
One of the most popular Afro hairstyles of recent times, is shaving both sides of the head. If you would like to have a twist in your look, you should consider teaming it up with upside curls.

The Bottom Line
Modern Afro hairstyles for women are in plentiful supply, as clearly shown here. The 10 hairstyles discussed here are the most popular, and deliver the best results for Afro hair. If you have never tried out the hairstyles discussed herein, you should most certainly consider doing so for a modern kooky look.

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