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What’s not to love about Twist Braids?

Classic Twist Braids have existed for decades but, due to innovation and variation upon the style, getting Twist Braids remains one of the most exciting and on-trend things that you can do with your hair. In this article, we are going to find out what Twist Braids are, why women love to wear them and how you can get some twist braids for yourself.

What are Twist Braids?

In actuality, Twist Braids are not one single hairstyle, but a collection of hairstyles which all have something in common: the Twist. This effect is what makes Twist Braids stand out amongst all other hairstyles. The Classic Twist (or Senegalese Twist) is similar to a classic box braid, but with this twisty effect as the stand-out feature.

Once you’ve had your hair put into Twist Braids, the possibilities of how to wear them are endless. You could bunch them behind you as a ponytail, you could pull them up as a top-knot, or pile it on top as a twisted Updo. Furthermore, if you wanted a much more simple twist-braid effect, then you could go for a Rope Twist: a single thick braid that you can wear as a ponytail or a bun.

Why do women love to wear them?

There are several reasons that women wear Twist Braids. One of the primary reasons for wearing braids is that they are much easier to look after; they don’t require masses of products and treatments to keep them looking the way you want them to. Furthermore, they are versatile: they can be worn in any number of imaginative styles and they can be customized and embellished with accessories. But the main reason has to be that they just look good. All you have to do is Google some images of women wearing Twist Braids to realize how extraordinary this hairstyle is; it’s a look which stands out.

How to get Twist Braids

There are different methods for getting Twist Braids of your very own and, on the whole, they are not very complicated. If you want a simple Rope Twist, then you can do it for yourself (or get a friend to do it for you). All you need to do is find a guide on the internet; it really is a very simple procedure. If you are looking for a classic Twist Braid, then you will probably have to seek the help of an expert. A hairdresser who specializes in black hair should be able to give you the assistance you need to get an outstanding Twist Braid. Before you rush to have it done, however, it might be worth thinking about whether or not your hair is long enough. The longer your hair is, the better your braid will look and the more versatile it will be. If you think you need some extra length, then you can either let it grow or get extensions. In Senegal, where this type of braid has become very popular in recent years, synthetic extensions and braiding hairs have taken off as a significantly cheaper alternative to real hair. These Senegalese fibers are now widely exported, so if you are looking for Twist Braids then you should be able to get your hands on this popular product.

What’s not to love about Twist Braids? They are fashionable, practical and simple to get for yourself.

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