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Discover These Long Hairstyles For Men That Are Low Maintenance

Long hair for men is certainly in style but there are considerations men will need to make when deciding to grow out their hair. It is common for men to worry if it is high maintenance. Women are more accustomed to conditioning their hair, using curling irons or straighteners. Below are some long hairstyles for men that do not require a great deal of maintenance.

Most men want hair that looks good but requires minimum upkeep. Knowing this from the beginning helps when deciding on the style the man should choose. First they need to go with a style that is fitting for their hair type.

If a man has very fine hair and he grows it out long and has it heavily layered this will lead to the hair frizzing. Cutting it just a little shorter and only lightly layering it will give the look he is looking for without the frizz or having to tame his hair all the time. Often at work men are required to have a more business look and having a hair style that can easily be tucked behind the ear to look like a shorter cut is an easy way to look professional at work while maintaining long hair.

It might be thought by some that using lots of gels and other styling products would be good with long hair. But doing so will lead to hair that requires more ongoing maintenance. It is better to use only a little gel to help hold the hair as wanted. Some men will like a wet look for curls but beyond that they should avoid overuse to keep it low maintenance.

Put It In A Bun – There are many businesses and social situations where a bun can look great. If a man is at work he can tuck his long hair behind his ears and put his hair in a bun. This looks very stylish and still keeps his hair above the collar, (sort of). When going out after work it is an easy way of giving a casual and stylish look with many different types of clothing for night life.

Back And Side Sweep – This is for men with thick hair that is at least shoulder length. It is very low maintenance and looks great for casual situations. The hair should be washed and dried with a towel. Men using this style simply need to put some product on their fingers and run it through their hair to make the hair part on the side and sweep back. It makes the hair look almost like a tigers mane.

Basic Long Hairstyle – This is going for a style that appears deliberately “unstyled”. To accomplish this all the man needs to do is wash their hair and then lightly spray it while wet with a spray made with sea salt. Then simply blow dry the hair and leave it uncombed. This style is hip and youthful.

The key to long hairstyles for men that look good and are low maintenance is using styles that fit their existing hair type. Doing this will make it easy to style with little or no maintenance. It takes a little time to grow out but many men find it is easier to take care of long hair.

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