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Mens Medium Length Hairstyles That Will Turn Heads

Medium length hair styles are the trend these days when it comes to men’s looks. These styles are simple to create and give men suave and well groomed looks with a bit of flair. There are limitless styling options that can be made, and many can be changed on the fly. The following mens medium length hairstyles will give anyone a look that will make them a more handsome man.

Sometimes, it’s good to mix a bit of modern with a bit of retro. The swept back pompadour look marries the classic 50s style with modern medium length trends to make an excellent blast from the past. A little pomade worked through the hair after blow drying and combing will turn the hair into the pompadour and it will especially work well with tattooed and pierced looks.

A classic of men everywhere, the medium length undercut has hair some hair trimmed from the sides and a medium length top. It’s a style that never goes away because it always looks good on any head. A bit of product is all that’s needed to maintain it, and it can be altered a little with some mousse or gel for changing proportions. It even works with a well trimmed beard, although those who are clean shaven can still rock the undercut.

A really unique medium length style that dares to the be different is the groomed coil hairstyle. Some will have an easier time creating the coiled look more than others, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be tried. It can be created by putting curl activator into damp hair and using the fingers to twist the curls. A NuDred sponge can also be used to create the effect instead of fingers and will be a little less messy. After the curls are twisted, simply let the hair dry and enjoy the style. Men with finer hair should twist small sections for the best results.

Medium hair can work with natural hair textures to make a look that keeps the hair free to the wind. After shampooing and moisturizing, dry the hair with a towel and apply some styling serum. The serum keeps the hair moist and prevents it from being frizzy. Once the hair is dry, it will have a look that is instantly recognizable among many famous rock musicians.

Medium hair combined with a faded sideburns is one of the cleanest looks for men because it draws attention to the shaped facial hair and slick hair style. The natural texture of medium length hair can be turned into waves aver washing and drying by using a simple brush. Apply a little gel and the hair will be held in place throughout the day and not get in the way. The side burns are then faded to connect with the rest of the facial hair if there is any.

A curled style can mix with a taper for a medium length style that looks trendy while being manly. The sides and back of the hair are faded while the top is maintained and styled with a blow dryer and brush into natural curls. The curls may not always fall in the desired way, so a stylist may be able to offer an extra bit of help.

It’s possible to create the perfect look with any of these mens medium length hairstyles. Anyone who wants a makeover or just to try something new will love these styling choices.

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