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Chic And Stylish Hairstyles For Long Curly Hair

In the world of hair, there are many hairstyles that can be worn by a wide variety of hair types. Those who have long, curly hair can really try out some interesting styles with their beautiful locks. People who have long curly hair can sometimes feel like there isn’t much that can be done with their hair, but that simply isn’t the case. Here are some interesting hairstyles for long curly hair.

Long, curly hair can be transformed into a fantastic faux hawk that really complement oval and round face shapes and look incredible with copper hair. Simply use a little curl defining cream and a blow dryer on medium to diffuse the curls and add volume near the roots. Then at the roots, back comb a portion of the hair in the center of the head to act as a base. This portion should go from the front of the head to the back of the neck. Take hair from the sides and hold it in the center with bobby pins, play with the curls until they resemble a mohawk, and then add some hairspray to finish off the style and make it strong.

A beautiful look can be made by turning caramel hair into bouncy spiral curls. Start by eliminating the chances of frizz by using a shampoo and conditioner that’s made to maintain moisture in the hair. Get rid of any excess hair moisture by wringing it with a dry towel. Add controlling cream to the hair and use a medium blow dryer to do a little curl diffusion. Make a semi ponytail with pins and hold the hair with a medium spray. Along with round face shapes, anyone with a pear or square shape can enjoy this style.

To really let the curls shine, go with a defined look coupled with a headband braid. First apply curl control cream and diffuse the hair with a blow dryer on medium. To create the headband, just braid a little bit of hair along the hairline in the front. Complete the look by adding a curl defining spray that will make the curls look shinier while keeping the hair from turning frizzy. This particular style works with any kind of face shape, making it extremely versatile.

The curls can be turned into a high ponytail that will turn heads Use a little bit of curl control cream, no bigger than the size of a quarter, on the hair. Use a medium blow dryer to diffuse and then use elastic to pull the hair into a ponytail. Make sure the elastic contains no metal or there will be potential breakage in the hair. Oval, round, and heart face shapes will look especially cute with this particular style.

For a super sexy look, give the curls more volume and turn them into large waves. Directly after drying hair with a towel, take a little smoothing cream and mix it into the hair. A little dual wielding will be needed as a blow dryer and large round brush are used on the hair. Keep the brush turning for movement while drying from the bottom of the hair to the top. If needed, a curling iron with a large barrel can build the curls even more. Once done, add a hairspray with a medium hold to finish. Rounded, long, and square faces will loves this one.

There are plenty of hairstyles for long curly hair, they just need to be worn. It takes a little experimentation, but long curls can be style for any preference and occasion.

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