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How to Style Wavy Hair For Great Control

You might have heard the old expression about your hair being the crowning glory of your appearance. Perhaps not. Either way, if you are looking for tips on how to style wavy hair, it is because you understand instinctively how important it is for your hair to look great all of the time.

Because trends come and go, women are often fighting their natural hair in order to make it look like the model in some fashion magazine. However, you are far better off learning how to work with the hair that you have. This will make your hair care routine easier and save you heartache and headaches as trends change. After all, styles will change!

Finding timeless beauty with your own hair is essential to life satisfaction. While you might never have super straight or curly hair, your wavy hair can do a lot that these two extremes cannot. Embrace the beauty of your locks!

It is important that you have a good wide tooth brush to comb through your hair with. If the teeth are too close together, you can end up knotting your hair. Plus, it can cause frizz as the natural waves are disrupted.

Never brush your hair when it is wet. While you have conditioner in your hair and you are still in the shower, you can lightly finger comb it. This will disperse the conditioner through it without pulling on your hair the way a brush will. Rinse thoroughly and wrap with a towel.

When damp, you can run your brush through your hair to direct it all in the style that you want. Add a small amount of styling product at this point if you want to. You can then use your fingers to shape the locks into a soft formation around your face. Then, allow it to dry naturally.

Although you might be tempted to use a hair dryer to save time, it will wreak havoc on your locks. Not only is the heat damaging, but the process will often break up the curls and increase frizz. If you must use a dryer, add a diffuser of some type to the end to minimize the damage done to your hair.

Instead of going heavy on the hair spray, cover your hair up when you go out. Use a scarf or other seasonally appropriate piece to protect your hair from the wind and other elements. Styling products create more damage to your hair and should be used minimally.

Talk to your hairstylist about how to style wavy hair with the current cut you have. She or he will be able to guide you as to the best way to shape it and treat it throughout the day. Additionally, they can provide insider tips on the best products for your hair type and how to use them with the style you are sporting. Embrace your wavy locks and remember these suggestions when you are caring for your hair!

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